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Private Individuals

From a custom made kitchen to a complete interior for a villa or country house. In collaboration with our partners, Redie regularly executes projects for private individuals in the higher segment. Together we translate the client's wishes into an interior in which experience, emotion and user enjoyment are central. Always tailor-made, always unique.

always tailor-made, always unique

Together with partners, we apply the knowledge and creativity gained during the development of various serial, concept and single projects, for customized projects for private individuals in the higher segment.

The architect, chosen by you or from our network, guarantees the translation of your interior wishes into the ideal design. Redie translates your vision, which is the core of the architect's design, into a unique and feasible interior. We think along with you about materials, shape, feasibility or simply about costs. We can make 'anything' based on our history and experience. And that ensures that Redie is often found for the realization of unique custom projects.

Susan Vermeer

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“We understand each other and have a permanent contact person. That is why we can, on the basis of little information, and by asking the right questions, submit very accurate quotations or drawings and start a project. This way we avoid a lot of re-work. Redie's flexibility and thinking along in terms of materials, or form, feasibility or simply practicality about costs is very pleasant.”

Daan van Schie, Van Schie Architecten