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Redie is an experienced interior builder for an innovative concept for your shop, healthcare institution, office, catering facility or the design of high traffic areas. From a new Library to furnishing an NS living room or bakery; Redie translates your interior wishes into a tailor-made interior.

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Are you looking for a singular or conceptual design that is applied once? Then you have come to the right place at Redie. Redie takes care of the realization for you, whether or not in collaboration with partners or on the basis of a supplied design.

Redie translates your wishes during the engineering, based on a engieerable and affordable interior. We look at cost-efficient production and use our expertise for optimal materialization: the right material for the right application with the right look & feel, based on your wishes and requirements and supporting your brand.

When translating the design, we use our broad production knowledge of series, conceptual and modular interiors to realize increasingly sustainable and efficient designs. This is how your design comes to life. We also use our expertise in the field of ease of use, routing and cooling techniques on a daily basis to provide our clients with total advice. It makes as very proud to hear clients say that Redie can make 'everything'.


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“Why we work with Redie? Very short lines and people with knowledge. We always speak with the people with the knowledge and answers. Not the commercial man who wants to sweet talk in order to sell and then the Production has to see if the promise can be produced. No, what Redie proposes and the materials they propose is based on a bucket of experience. Ruud and Carlo both started in the factory. They take this information and knowledge with them, also in customer conversations and in the proposals they make. So we always have a feasible proposal on the table; it is always producible.”

Arjan Caspers, Fried van de Laar

“We understand each other and have a permanent contact person. That is why we can, on the basis of little information, and by asking the right questions, submit very accurate quotations or drawings and start a project. This way we avoid a lot of re-work. Redie's flexibility and thinking along in terms of materials, or form, feasibility or simply practicality about costs is very pleasant.”

Daan van Schie, Van Schie Architecten

“Like Fried van de Laar, Redie can handle three project types: serial, conceptual and customised. This completely fits the needs and questions of our customers. In this way we can serve the customer in a very broad way. That makes our choice to work with Redie easy.”

Jan van de Laar, Fried van de Laar

“We wanted a shop layout in which everything is visible and transparent. Also behind the scenes. That livens things up!”

Richard en Claudia Ravels, Bakkerij Ravels

“I feel at home in the new interior. The overall picture is right: an open bakery with a warm atmosphere. The interior has been modernized and the routing has been greatly improved. As a result, the new interior offers practically more space, which has resulted in an increase in turnover. Redie can make everything and that is why everything is completely customised. I'm sure I won't find my interior anywhere else. I like that.”

Anke Adams, Bakkerij Adams

“Redie fully met our wishes and contributed with ideas. The choice of materials and design were always discussed with us and the process was more than pleasant. The dialogue and enthusiasm on both sides resulted in a beautiful design and a wonderful collaboration. I have a passion for my profession and I sensed the same passion for their profession in Martijn and his colleagues. That works well together. I look forward to welcoming artisan bakery enthusiasts to our store. We will personally ensure that a visit to Bij Robèrt is worthwhile”

Robèrt van Beckhoven