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In collaboration with regular partners, Redie provides total concepts on a regular basis, from innovative design to assembly. Atmosphere, experience and emotion are central to every total concept. By working together from our own specialism, we offer our clients a 1+1=3 experience. Your vision translated into the ideal design and the ideal design translated into the most optimal materialization; taking into account your wishes, feasibility and ease of use.

REALIZATION requires teamwork

Architects, project developers, contractors and construction companies are part of Redie's fixed network. Together we deliver the best performance, because realization irequires teamwork. By investing in each other, the relationship, each other's wishes and working method, the best results are achieved. Understanding each other is the basis for success. This is reflected in the projects that we have been able to succesfully execute in recent years with our regular cooperation partners.

Each partner is involved based on its own expertise. Redie adds value to the collaboration by applying her knowledge of single projects in the development of conceptual and series products and vice versa. As a result, we continue to innovate in the realization, leading the way when it comes to production methods and applications, without deviating from the optimal materialization. Always tailor-made, always tailored to the wishes of the project. And that we do what we promise, you can of course count on that.

Our machine and production department is equipped with ultra-modern and efficiently equipped machinery, with which we produce efficiently with optimal use of (machine) capacity and materials. This allows us to create shorter lead times and better quality products. And of course every interior has been fully assembled and tested at least once in-house; in this way we guarantee the quality and applicability of the interior at the final location.



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“We understand each other and have a permanent contact person. That is why we can, on the basis of little information, and by asking the right questions, submit very accurate quotations or drawings and start a project. This way we avoid a lot of re-work. Redie's flexibility and thinking along in terms of materials, or form, feasibility or simply practicality about costs is very pleasant.”

Daan van Schie, Van Schie Architecten

“Like Fried van de Laar, Redie can handle three project types: serial, conceptual and customised. This completely fits the needs and questions of our customers. In this way we can serve the customer in a very broad way. That makes our choice to work with Redie easy.”

Jan van de Laar, Fried van de Laar

“As was the case with the entire project and design & construction process, we are also very satisfied with the collaboration with Redie, because everyone was open to the ideas and expertise of the other, in order to truly achieve the best end result together.”

Tim van Beurden

“Hanssen Interior Design is a concept developer, storyteller and translator of corporate identity. We provide a translation of the image of the core of the company, or we 3Dimensionalize the desired image of a company. We work with Redie because they are the experts in engineering and production, ensure that everything runs smoothly, ensure coordination with partners, monitor the planning and budget and have knowledge of construction matters, routing, materials and technology. Redie takes care of the translation from emotion to ratio, or so to say for the optimal materialization of a concept.”

Perry Hanssen, Hanssen Interior Design

“Redie has a unique machinery. That is really exceptional for a company of that size. It's not a big company but they can handle a bulk. If you say 'I want ten of everything instead of one', then it is also possible. Redie excels in a personal approach and is a company that is accessible. You can go through the entire company with short lines and the possibilities are just as great as with a major player.”

Sjors de Bruin, NS

“The consultation with Redie was always pleasant. Sometimes it seemed impossible, but Redie always rose to the challenge.”

René Mensink Interieurarchitect & Projectleider