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There are now 13 Salsa Shops in the Netherlands. It is a contemporary concept of Fresh Mexican Food. In collaboration with Ninetynine Interior Design, Horeca Totaal Bouw and Salsa Shop we were able to take care of the interior. We are constantly on the move to make the store as beautiful and practical as possible without destroying the conceptual, beautiful design.

The furniture is made of different materials. Both the high tables and the low tables are made of solid oak wood. A nice detail on the tables are the red steel gutters for the salsa bottles. The steel bench is finished with solid wooden slats in color. The counter is finished with viroc plates. In front of the counter is a red steel divider. 

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Ninetynine Interior Design
Horeca Totaal Bouw
Salsa Shop

Close cooperation with customer and architect. Reccuring design in which the concept is well safeguarded, but in which the practical way of working is constantly examined in order to be able to work as efficiently as possible and to serve the customers.


“The Salsa Shop is a growing newcomer in Food Retail. With this interior concept, which is rock solid, they are ready for even further growth in the future.”

Ruud van de Weijer, Redie Interieurs
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Learn more about our projects?

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