Health care

Sustainable multi functionality


Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Within the interior concept and design made by Exsta, Redie has made choices in the application of materials, based on the wishes regarding functionality and materialisation, tailored to the use. When choosing materials, the method of machining, production and assembly was directly considered, in order to achieve the most ideal application and materialisation for both client and user.

Commissioned by Exsta, Redie carried out the engineering, production, logistics and assembly for the interior of 80 studios for the homeless, in line with the current vision of social care.

Based on the research of the design studio of Exsta, into ‘tiny houses’, Exsta has designed a multifunctional piece of interior that meets all the wishes and needs of the user, with regard to a pleasant and functional environment. The right combination of colour and materials ensures that the studios are experienced as spacious and homely.

Installation Redie

Engineering, machine finishing, production, logistics & assembly

Data subjects

A sustainable building for social care, where support is aimed at a faster return to a private home.

Learn more about our projects?

Learn more about our projects?

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