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Sustainable fashion in a sustainable interior


Westfiel Mall of the Netherlands, the Netherlands

The Amsterdam lifestyle brand 10DAYS was founded in 2007 by two creative women from Amsterdam. 10DAYS creates timeless ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, accessories and home items. The philosophy of 10DAYS is to create sustainable fashion. This vision fits in seamlessly with the CSR character and production method of Redie Interieurs.

When engineering the architect's 3D design, sustainability in the application was extensively considered. Not only through the use of solid surface, environmentally friendly and biologically responsible mineral material, but also determining the dimensions of the interior, according to the specifications of the plate material, were part of the discussions. This guarantees the cost-effective purchasing of materials and sustainable production with as little waste as possible. Not only was the implementation of the shop in Westfiel Mall of the Netherlands considered, but the shop-in-shop concept in other cities has also been developed. The mutual interchange between shops of furniture and other items was examined.


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In addition to a sustainable store concept, a Shop in Shop concept for other cities was developed.

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Learn more about our projects?

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