Social return

The student of today is our colleague of tomorrow. Redie Interieurs in Oirschot offers an internship to 2 to 5 interns per year. The vast majority of trainees follow furniture training and often one trainee follows a different training direction (for example, an administrative or technical direction). Our objective for working with interns is to transfer knowledge to the next/young generation with the ultimate goal to enthuse interns for the profession and especially for Redie and thus to bind young people to Redie for the future. This is how we keep improving our team.


To supervise interns, two Redie employees have completed the training to become internship supervisors. They provide guidance throughout the entire process on the shop floor. Jan Quinten, former teacher, takes care of the first contacts with school and students on behalf of Redie. Jan makes a first appointment with the intern to meet at Redie. In addition to an introductory meeting, a guided tour will take place. During the conversation, agreements between the intern/school and Redie are short-circuited.

Redie has a close collaboration with the BOS MTI training institute from Nuenen. In addition, Redie is a recognized training company and regularly offers internships to students from courses in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch.

For more information about an internship at Redie, you can always contact us. On this website you will find more information about our company, the clients we work for and the projects we realize.