Rally driving Beat Batten

The Beat Batten Foundation is organizing a rally on Saturday September 11, 2021 to raise money for research into therapy for healing. Redie Interieurs supports this foundation and will participate in the rally on Saturday 11 September.

Beat Batten Foundation

Beat Batten is committed to the childhood disease Batten. This foundation aims to raise money for research into therapy for healing or treatment. The Beat Batten Foundation focuses in particular on the CLN3/NCL3, the childhood form of the disease. In addition, the foundation is committed, through partners, to providing information to doctors, researchers and family.

Batten's disease

The Batten childhood disease is a name for a group of hereditary metabolic diseases. You will not notice any of these childhood diseases for about the first 5 years. After a few years you will develop the following symptoms: severe vision loss, seizures of epilepsy, memory loss and dementia, etc. In the Netherlands there are currently about 60 children with Batten. It's a genetic disease, which means it's hereditary. Several children in one family can therefore be carriers of the disease.

For more information, visit the website of the Beat Batten foundation.