A sustainable future

At Redie, we take our responsibility for a sustainable future seriously. For example, the reuse of materials is already considered during the design and work is done as efficiently as possible to prevent unnecessary waste. Where possible, in consultation with the architect and customer, we reuse old, existing materials in new projects and thus give these materials a new application. In addition to circularity at the material level, we therefore already take into account optimal interchangeability of the various parts of the furniture in the design phase (for example, our SwitchME! Concept).

Interior is developed where possible with the idea of ​​reuse and further development; existing furniture is disassembled at location A and transported to a new location, location b, and reassembled here. In consultation with the client. the new furniture that is added to the interior is made in the same way, so that it can be seamlessly integrated within the existing interior components.

In some cases, our products are a composite of parts, so that the product can be used in multiple ways, for efficiency and to encourage reuse/refurbishment.

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