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Unique living rooms with city theme

NS Huiskamer (NS Living room)

Arnhem, the Netherlands

Specially developed for the larger NS stations, the 'Huiskamers' (Living rooms) offer an attractive environment for drinking a cup of coffee, to meet and, for example, informal consulations. The Living Room is the new NS concept for the old restorations. For this special project Redie works together with Pubblik & Vos Architects from Amsterdam.

Rotterdam, The Hague and recently also Arnhem have their own living room at the railway station. Each living room is decorated according to a theme that suits the city. In The Hague, for example, you can drink a cup of coffee between circus attributes, in line with the theme of the Circus Theater. In Rotterdam you will meet each other surrounded by old workbenches, suitcases and other vintage products that link to the port city with its illustrious Holland-America line.

The Arnhem Living Room is all about clothing and is decorated with large photos of old sewing workshops, sewing machines and vintage clothing. The counter has a natural appearance for the visitor due to the use of old railway sleepers and panel doors. Behind it, on the user side, is a hypermodern counter with equipment that meets all catering requirements.

Unique in the Huiskamer van Arnhem is the in-store location of the VVV; a small chalet with a counter, made from used solid wood planks, where travelers can find all the information about the city. 

Engineering, production & commissioning

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Pubblik & Vos architects

Pubblik & Vos Architecten makes a design for every interior and looks for unique vintage furniture and accessories for the decoration. Redie provides the counters, reading tables, table tops and cabinets, in an atmosphere that matches the specific theme. Where possible, materials are re-used.


“Redie has a unique machinery. That is really exceptional for a company of that size. It's not a big company but they can handle a bulk. If you say 'I want ten of everything instead of one', then it is also possible. Redie excels in a personal approach and is a company that is accessible. You can go through the entire company with short lines and the possibilities are just as great as with a major player.”

Sjors de Bruin, NS
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