Eric van Vroenhoven

Eric is here to service you

Eric van Vroenhoven has been employed by Redie since June 1989 as a (Service) technician. He drives throughout the Netherlands and beyond to take care of the assembly and service provision to our customers. In his spare time Eric is very busy turning his own house in the countryside into a palace. At the weekend he likes to go out with his wife and friends to discover the tastiest snacks and drinks.

The great thing about working for Redie? “That I can go out on the road almost every day to install or maintain a new interior. It is also nice to be able to maintain an interior that I have installed myself and of course to see the customers again. I have known many customers for a long time and have built up a good relationship with them. I also like to solve malfunctions and go home with a satisfied feeling and as a result a satisfied customer.”