Carlo van Vroenhoven


Carlo has been working at Redie since February 2011. As General Manager, he is involved in customer processes, the realization of interior wishes and the management of the organization. He gets energy from the contact with customers, the diversity of the projects and the team of enthusiastic employees. Carlo stands for creating possibilities, whether it concerns the organization and the team of people or production methods, products and projects: thinking in solutions, making the impossible possible, always going for the optimal materialization. Or in his words: “creating beautiful things.”

In his (sometimes somewhat limited) free time he likes to ride his racing bike, is involved in the board of a hockey association as vice-chairman and as a board member-treasurer associated with a partnership where 90-100 students are employed, who are being trained as interior builders – carpenter factory employee. Carlo likes to spend his free time with his family, relatives and friends and to have a drink or socialize together and have a bite to eat. He enjoys being involved in sports both in performance and coaching and enjoys watching his children play sports.

The great thing about working for Redie? “Definitely the involvement of the people, the enormous loyalty and the development that the company has gone through thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that we share with each other. ”