Ad Versmissen

Ad can be found in the machinery and the office

Ad has been working as a Work Preparator and Collaborative Foreman in Redie's machinery since September 2015. Regularly there are projects that Ad develops and produces independently. He has been in the machine shop for a while, where he gained a lot of knowledge about the machines. Now he regularly applies this knowledge in his other activities, such as writing the CNC, sawing programs and controlling the machines from the office. Ad also plays a role in the development of Proteus (Redie's ERP system). In his spare time, Ad can often be found at handball club Jupiter'75 from Eersel, where he is also on the board and regularly gives youth training sessions. In addition to sports, Ad likes to do fun things with his friends and can regularly be found at a festival or concert.

The great thing about working for Redie? "The variation between the different activities. Furthermore, the good atmosphere between colleagues is very nice and I get the opportunity to continue to develop myself. I'm really enjoying myself at Redie, I can see myself working here for years to come!”